sábado, diciembre 30, 2006

English version:
One: Sometimes I am feeling unhappy and then I am thinking I would be much better in any other place, other than this one, Acapulco for example, instead of this damn desert.
Two: That is what is called "wanting to escape from your own shadow". If you try to escape, what you are actually doing is moving your problems from one place to another.
Three: Mmm, that is a good advice. I hadn't looked at it that way. Thank you master.
Four: Mmmm, Acapulco...

Traducción/translation: Kristina Niesel

jueves, diciembre 28, 2006

Feliz Día de los Inocentes :-)

English version:
One: Hi Alfredo, how are you doing with "War and Peace"?
Two: Mmm, well. It's a strange book, sometimes it is too heavy for me. Seems I am never getting through it...
Three:... and I also have the impression that some parts are repeated, it's a bit strange.
Four: That use to happen when somebody is changeing your bookmarked page now and then, hehehe.

Traducción/translation: Kristina Niesel

miércoles, diciembre 27, 2006

Dedicado a James Brown y su música (1933-2006).

English version:
Four: Yes!!!!! And I still can turn it up louder! Anything bothering you?

Traducción/translation: Kristina Niesel

jueves, diciembre 21, 2006

English version:
One: I feel so sad!
Two: I would like the whole world to cry with me
Four: Thanks.

Traducción/translation: Kristina Niesel

miércoles, diciembre 20, 2006

English version:
One: I have to admit this blade of grass impresses me... so colourful, so vital. Seems it's smiling and dancing with the morning breeze...
Two: No doubt, the most valuable things in life are those that cost nothing, those that we have just in front of us but we don't even notice.
Four: Gone with the wind! Our deepest convictions are so fragile!

Traducción/translation: Kristina Niesel

sábado, diciembre 16, 2006

jueves, diciembre 14, 2006

viernes, diciembre 08, 2006

Just a little patience...

Un mensaje de paciencia para los lectores anglófonos. Intento conservar una frecuencia de publicación más o menos constante pero no todas las tiras pueden ser traducidas instantáneamente. Kristina, nuestra simpática y desinteresada traductora, hará lo posible por traducirlas al inglés en cuanto su tiempo y ánimo se lo permitan. Gracias por su paciencia.

miércoles, diciembre 06, 2006

domingo, diciembre 03, 2006

Bruno recomienda...

Vol.1 Melancolía
Para estados carenciales de optimismo, cuando la tristeza te abruma y las lágrimas afloran:
1. Gary Jules - "Mad World"
2. Antony & The Johnsons - "Hope There's Someone"
3. Tarnation - "Two Wrongs Won't Make Things Right"
4. Spain - Untitled #1
5. Tom Waits - Georgia Lee

sábado, diciembre 02, 2006